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Marketing Plan For A Marketing Program Essay - 1371 Words

1. Distinguish between a strategy, a marketing plan, and a marketing program. Apply your analysis to a local retailer. Strategy The marketing strategy is a plan for executing the required steps in an industry . It is the planned steps used to achieve the promoting or advertising goals. Marketing Plan The marketing Plan is an exhaustive archive, diagrams which frameworks and associations broadcast and undertaking the advertising for the future . This depicts the business activity need in finishing certain promoting targets inside a particular span of time , Marketing Program A marketing program is an organized, attentively composed arrangement of activity that helps to accomplish the advertising goals. Showcasing targets are mandatory aspiration that full character which is a proper approximation for extending the business in the present situation . To make improvements or repair the affected business changes in the business are made to implement the changes we starts with a strategy followed by the marketing program and the marketing plan . Taking the situation of a Food chain with decline in the sales. The Strategy is to increase the sale at a particular store. Marketing Program would be to understand the surrounding and understand what communities live around, introduce new platers, Provide discounts and promote the brand 2. Explain the major differences among the four basic types of growth opportunities (market penetration, product development, marketShow MoreRelatedMarketing Plan For An Affiliate Marketing Program Essay2416 Words   |  10 PagesAffiliate Marketing is a revenue sharing venture between a website owner and an online merchant. The website owner will place advertisements on his websites to either help sell the merchant s products or to send potential customers to the merchant s website, all in exchange for a share of the profits. Affiliate Marketing Program An affiliate marketing program is sometimes called an affiliate program, but also may be referred to as a pay-for-performance program or an associate program. An affiliateRead MoreMarketing Plan For Strategic Partnership Group Program1573 Words   |  7 Pagesoutside, which creates custom programming that meets their needs. The purpose of strategic partnership group is to create strategic access, value, and opportunity for new business development in their businesses. CDFA strategic partnership group program will help expand the brand nationwide throughout the United States. Beside that we all well establish in the east coast this partnership will allows to start an establishment in the west coast. CDFA is a well-known company who focus on developingRead MoreSummary of Marketing Plan for Online Mba Programs1586 Words   |  7 PagesSummary of Marketing Plan for Online MBA Programs Executive Summary An increasing number of business professionals choose to earn their MBAs through the internet. Pursuing an MBA is a great accomplishment. Many undergraduate students graduate and move on to pursue their Masters Degree in their desired field. This marketing plan illustrates the market segments and the strategies of employing to get customers and create a solid revenue stream. Our unique focus is creating opportunities for theRead MoreMarketing Plan For An Affiliate Program Manager819 Words   |  4 Pagescontent promotion to banner and text link placements. As long as the affiliate complies with the affiliate programs â€Å"Terms of Service† and â€Å"Rules and Regulations†, the opportunities in which to promote a product are endless. Affiliates are a vital contribution to the traffic source of a website as they provide traffic that the affiliate program may not already have access to. As an affiliate program owner it is important to offer every possible tool for an affiliate to market your product. There areRead MoreMarketing Plan For The Summit Club Loyalty Program1182 Words   |  5 Pagesmore comfortable and safe for customers. Since 1990, they have become a leader in product design because of their creativity. They did this by asking a question to have ideas and to meet customer needs. In 1994, they launched the summit club loyalty program. In the period 2000 to 2012 Kathmandu branded products were 95% of sales and they have an own overseas experience they are already starting to have a small number of stores. This year was the time to change their introduction of a new management teamRead MoreHealth Association Marketing Department Plan Essay715 Words   |  3 PagesBetter Health Association Marketing Department Plan Introduction The Better Health Association is a nonprofit company whose objective is simply to increase the health of people through health education, guidance, and diagnosis screening programs. They make an attempt to assist audiences of any age and socioeconomic ranges to gain knowledge of living an even healthy life-style and creating the know-how required to develop healthy and balanced choices. My role within the company is to secure agreementsRead More Marketing Strategy Implementation in Higher Education854 Words   |  4 Pagesthe strategic implementation of marketing initiatives within international higher education entities (Naidoo Woo, 2011). This article was of particular interest to me due to its specific focus on marketing within higher education entities (HEI’s). The authors focused their research on 10 universities which recruit international students; specifically, on 570 questionnaires from mid-level marketing managers responsible for strategic implementation of marke ting initiatives. (Naidoo Woo, 2011Read MoreTulsa Memorial Hospital Case Study1500 Words   |  6 Pagescompetitor, Baptist Hospital. Amanda Daniels, marketing direct of TMH is proposing that the a new marketing plan for the clinic. Daniels believes the new program will help increase patient volume thus increasing its earnings for the clinic. Harley looks to his chief of financial officer, Nicole Williams to investigate whether close urgent care clinic, continue operating the clinic as is or to continue operating with an expansion of a new marketing program. The cost to close, based off its long-termRead MoreBasic Aspect of International Marketing1574 Words   |  7 PagesBasic aspects of International Marketing There are three basic aspects of International marketing are as follows:- * The new product development process * Demand management * Sales marketing process (1) The new product development process can be defined as follows:-   This process characterizes itself as integration between Marketing, Ramp;D/Engineering and Manufacturing. Besides, several operating levels are active within the new product development process.   The steps shownRead MoreImportance of Marketing882 Words   |  4 Pageshead: THE IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING IN ORGANIZATIONS The Importance of Marketing in Organizations Verisha Barrett University of Phoenix Marketing MKT/421 Marc Mosko Apr 22, 2006 The Importance of Marketing in Organizations Marketing has become one of the most critical increasing forces which drive today’s companies. With marketing a company has power to carefully plan and implement the strategies to make a company successful. I view marketing as everything a company

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The American Dream By James Truslow Adams - 1707 Words

The American Dream, coined by James Truslow Adams in 1931, had been a popular term that had; given motivation to the dissatisfied, reduced the influence of race and one’s social position on achieving their goals, advertised America as a land that offered an abundant amount of possibilities that no other country could match, and unified the country under the same desire of wealth and prosperity, even in times of great despair. Adams had constructed the idea, â€Å"...that American dream of a better, richer, and happier life for all our citizens of every rank†(Kamp), as the base of the American Dream. This dream started with the Puritans’ impartial nature and desire to flee the religious persecution they fought in England, to a new land of freedom. However the Declaration of Independence was what really drove this concept of equal opportunities for all men (Kamp). It gave white males proof of equivalence to his other white brethrens, while initiating the ideology t hat other races and genders could take part of the movement of equal opportunities. However, as generations passed, the American Dream did not necessarily disappear, but shifted towards a more materialistic perspective of success. With the optimistic belief that hard work is directly associated with prosperity, many citizens and immigrants are disheartened when they realize the ignored truth behind the American Dream. Anyone who resides in the United States is promised opportunities to a, â€Å"‘better and richer life’... butShow MoreRelatedThe American Dream By James Truslow Adams1243 Words   |  5 Pagesspike in questionable practices further withheld the American Dream from those wishing to achieve it the way it was intended, through hard work and perseverance. In 1931, James Truslow Adams defined the American Dream, â€Å"life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement†, regardless of one s class or circumstances of birth. More and more people were being denied the American Dream every, yet they still strived to make something ofRead MoreThe American Dream By James Truslow Adams1130 Words   |  5 Pagesof the American Dream. The American Dream has changed dramatically over the few centuries. During the Founding Fathers’ time, many believed the American Dream meant freedom, equality, and mutual respect. Time has changed this ideology of the American Dream, which is now seen as owning a million dollar mansion with multiple luxury cars. This isn’t the case for many immigrants who come to the Americas to have a better life for themselves and their family. To many of them, the American Dream is as simpleRead MoreJames Truslow Adams : The American Dream1800 Words   |  8 PagesThe American Dream The American Dream was something everyone wanted to achieve in the 1930’s; however, many people did not get there because they either gave up, or did not find what they were looking for. Many people were just looking to get away and find their own happiness so they made their own American Dream. As historian James Adams said ... a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest statureRead MoreThe American Dream By James Truslow Adams Essay1886 Words   |  8 PagesJames Truslow Adams in 1931 coined the term â€Å"The American Dream† in his book The Epic of America (Michels, n.d., para. 1). He wrote of an America that offered freedom of religion, and speech, as well as political and social opportunities that few other countries offered. However, according to Eva Michels, â€Å"The American Dream† means something different for each individual, it refers to the way of li fe that Americans strive for and have equal rights to achieve regardless of social class or nationalityRead MoreThe American Dream By James Truslow Adams803 Words   |  4 PagesThe term â€Å" The American Dream† can be coined to historian James Truslow Adams in the early 1930’s. Adams believed that the true commitment for the American society was based of material success that was obtained by individual competition of the citizens. Furthermore, stating that the American citizens had been conditioned to desire success, with an honest belief that it was possible for one to achieve it. This was possible because the very principles that American society represented, helped eachRead MoreThe American Dream By James Truslow Adams1500 Words   |  6 PagesThe American Dream is the sole reason that millions of people decided to come to this country, whether it be generations ago, or last week. But even so, this shared dream faces problems. To solve the problem, the American Dream has to be defined. James Truslow Adams, author of the 1931 book The Epic of America, was the first person to mention and therefore define the American Dream. He established it as: â€Å"[T]hat dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, withRead MoreJames Truslow Adams And The American Dream1392 Words   |  6 Pages While the idea of the American Dream became more popular during the 17th to 20th centuries, the achievability remained elusive due to a static and hierarchical social order that prevailed throughout this time. Thus, the tireless claims of the New Left for a reformed society are supported by the unchanging accessibility of the American Dream. In his book The Epic of America (1931), James Truslow Adams defined the American Dream as â€Å"that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer andRead MoreJames Truslow Adams And The American Dream1371 Words   |  6 Pagesand dreams. Although this is a simple concept, how one must work to achieve these goals is much more complicated. Everyone is born into a different situation and the opportunities they are exposed to differ depending on the person. The original idea of the â€Å"American Dream† supported the idea that all American citizens are able to obtain a better life than they are currently living; however, that idea is continuously changing and many interpret their own dream in different ways. James Truslow AdamsRead MoreThe American Dream By James Truslow Adams1406 Words   |  6 PagesThis so called, â€Å"American dream.† Is it still around, waiting to be achieved by those who work hard enough? Is it effectively dead, killed off by the Great Recession and the economic struggling that many Americans have come to face in this day and age? There are alarming instances and facts, including trillions of dollars lost in the stock market (Paradise, 2009). These losses combined with the unquestionably high unemployment in the past few years, have contributed to seemingly dismal prospectsRead MoreThe American Dream By James Truslow Adams1577 Words   |  7 PagesThe American Dream Lives On Since 1776, the â€Å"American Dream† has continued to evolve. Originally, our forefathers intended the American Dream to be a country where individuals were free from the tyranny of royalty and nobility, working as a part of a whole, making everyone comfortable and happy - all men created equal with equal opportunity. Over the years, this original intent has continued to change. In 1931, James Truslow Adams stated that the American Dream means that, â€Å"life should be better

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The United States And The Mexican American War - 1137 Words

The United States believed that it was their God given right to spread from coast to coast. The people of the young nation set out to do just that on a journey unofficially called the Manifest Destiny. President James. K. Polk offered Mexico twenty-five million dollars for the area of Texas and told Mexican leaders to name their price on California. The United States needed the land to fulfill their destiny to spread across the continent. Although the offer was a very generous Mexico declined. Thereby, American troops were sent down past the Nueces River to â€Å"poke† or cause enough tension for Mexicans to fire upon American troops to start the first battle. The Mexicans believed the Nueces River was the border of America and Mexico, but†¦show more content†¦The gold rush in all brought in over two billion dollars worth of the desired metal. Had the United States not done what it took to get the land the discovery of gold could have been postponed decades. Therefor e, meaning America may not have ever gotten that money. Not only was the gold rush favorable to the economy, but the land was also great for agriculture and industry. Numerous citizens that moved west did not do so for gold, several moved west to start a business or a farm. The businesses started over in the west would prove to be for the best for most families and helped the United States’ economy. The idea of moving west and finding gold or start a business to help the â€Å"49ers† to get rich quick thrilled many American citizens which aided the growth of the west. The land was not the only benefit; the Mexican American war was the first war in American history to be fought primarily on foreign soil. So because the war was fought on Mexico’s land the United States did not have to pay for damages done during the conflict. As a result, the American economy did not take another devastating hit to pay for the wreckage. Overall the decision to go to war with Mexi co for the land was an economic success, although it caused controversy socially and politically. Politically the bloodshed and enmity between the Mexicans and Americans was a disaster. The war caused more problems than itShow MoreRelatedMexican American War : The United States896 Words   |  4 PagesMexican-American war is the war between the United States and Mexico that began in 1846 and ended in 1848. This war broke out because of the unresolved conflicts between the U.S. and Mexico about the borders of Texas. Before 1836, Texas was a part of Mexico, but later it gained independence and named itself the Republic of Texas. After that, Texas was annexed by the United States. The Western and Southern borders of the state remained unclear, and tension between the two countries was rising regardingRead MoreMexican American War : The United States784 Words   |  4 Pages Mexican-American War The Mexican-American War is one of the deadliest wars in U.S. History. This war was a Battle driven by Manifest Destiny for the Americans to acquire the territory of Texas that they felt belonged to them. But Mexico refused to give up the territory to the United States. The war consisted of several issues between the United States and Mexico that couldn’t be negotiated or resolved without the use of force. After a border incident between Mexican and American troops. PresidentRead MoreMexican American War And The United States1102 Words   |  5 Pagesthe most important war in the history of United State was the â€Å"Mexican-American War†, also called by Mexicans â€Å"the United State Invasion†. The war begun in the 19th century when the United State expansion cause disagreements with the Mexicans. One important character in the United State side was the president James K. Polk who served during the war time. Beside Mexico side the president Santa Anna le d Mexico to the first the battle of Mexico with Texas which later one bring the war between this twoRead MoreMexican American War : The United States Essay1146 Words   |  5 PagesMexican-American War The Mexican American war did indeed allow us to complete Manifest Destiny, because off all the states that was annexed when Mexico lost the war. The Mexican American war was the final little push to help us achieve that move west. The move west and south was not an easy one, since there were a lot of people opposing it, and different debates that were held on slavery which grew much tension. Onto the move to the west and the annexation of the Mexican land the President Polk hadRead MoreThe Mexican American War : A War Between Mexico And The United States1229 Words   |  5 PagesMonica Vela Kerry Jones Composition II November 24, 2014 The Mexican-American War was a war between Mexico and the United States that initiated in 1846 and finished in 1848 in the wake of the U.S capture of Texas, which Mexico considered part of its land. After independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico inherited the provinces of California, New Mexico and Texas. Enervated and virtually bankrupt after the war, the new Mexican government could not control its northern territories that were thousandsRead MoreThe Mexican American War : An Important Part Of United States History Essay1928 Words   |  8 PagesMany historians consider the Mexican-American war to be an important part of United States’ history. It allowed the young nation to uncover what their true values were and come into its potential as a world power. The Mexican-American war cemented the United States’ role as a world power as the people banded together and put aside differences to secure the supremacy of their way of life. It expanded the values of the American society beyond parochial lives and improved the overall quality of lifeRead MoreMexico s Independence From Spain Becoming A Young Independent Country Essay1707 Words   |  7 Pageschallenges after the wars for independence. The economy had been ravaged. Many had died. The social dislocation caused by the wars and all its residual wounds had still to be healed. And in this chaotic environment the Mexican tried to forge a nation out of growing economic, social, and political, instability. An independent Mexican congress was also formed made up of conservative criollos who debate the future course of Mexico. Mexico was organized as a federal republic composed of 19 states and 4 territoriesRead MoreThe Mexican American War Essay1223 Words   |  5 PagesThe United States of America has been through many wars, wars concerning many things such as land oil, pride and respect. However, when the United States went to war with Mexico, it was planned over greed. The Mexican- American war w as a war provoked by the United States, in efforts to expand the coasts of the country. Mexico was a small under privileged country who had previously to the war had already lost part of their country (Texas). Needless to say this war was cut throat and violent, it wasRead More The Ethnicity of Mexians in the United States Essay1738 Words   |  7 PagesThe Ethnicity of Mexians in the United States For centuries, Mexican Americans have dealt with an enormous amount of hardships that date back to their early Aztec roots. The source of many problems in Mexican American history can be traced in the pre-colonial period, before the United States of America was even conceived. Major problems of this era in history not only affected the Aztecs, but also the following generations of Aztec and Mexican descent, and continue to have an impact on their descendentsRead MoreThe Mexican-American War Essay870 Words   |  4 Pagesdisregard for the toll a war can take on human lives. When the Alamo was fought back in February 1836, it was about the independence of Texas from Mexico. In retaliation of the death and destruction of human life, Sam Houston retaliated in April and killed 630 Mexican soldiers and took General Santa Anna prisoner (Tindall Shi, 2010). This was the start of the independence of Texas and the quest for annexation into the United States, which ultimately led to the Mexic an-American War of 1846-1848. This

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Smoke Free Restaurants Essay Example For Students

Smoke Free Restaurants Essay According to an article in Public Health News titled Number of Smoke-Free Restaurants Soars, and published March 9, 1999, cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals and exposure to environmental smoke or secondhand smoke is responsible for 1,000 non-smoker deaths in Washington state each year. Listed below are some ideas that will help eliminate the problem of cigarette smoke ruining many meals in restaurants. In the past few years some public places have established their facilities as non-smoking out of respect of the customers health and enjoyment. Some examples are public transportation and public federal buildings. The customer respect issue regarding smoking needs to be adopted by all restaurants to avoid the nuisance of stale tobacco smells and tastes. Once solution to eliminate this problem is to create all restaurants as non-smoking. A second idea is to require all restaurants to install air purifier/cleaners. Non-smoking restaurants, enclosed smoking sections and required air purifier/cleaners offer different ways to eliminate dining in a smokey restaurant.Creating restaurants as non-smoking would avoid the problem of nicotine odors ruining many meals. The Onion, located in downtown Spokane, requires that all smoking be done in the bar area. The bar is separated from the main restaurant by a gate. I ate lunch at this restaurant, and while I was there smoke from the bar drifted to my table and spoiled my lunch. The non-smoking policy is catching on in various public places and restaurants taking on the same policy would solve this problem of spoiled meals caused by cigarette smoke. Enclosed smoking sections is also a solution to smokey restaurants.

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Reinsurance Business Essays - Types Of Insurance, Reinsurance

Reinsurance Business QUOTA SHARE REINSURANCE AGREEMENT DWVD NO. 900804 for BASIC COLLEGE ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS MEDICAL EXPENSE INSURANCE (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) made and entered into by GERBER LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY White Plains, NY (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and PHOENIX HOME LIFE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Enfield, CT (hereinafter referred to as the Reinsurer) EFFECTIVE: January 1, 1999 - December 31, 1999 Table of Contents ARTICLE I ? PARTIES TO AGREEMENT 1 ARTICLE II ? BASIS OF REINSURANCE 2 ARTICLE III ? RETENTION AND LIMIT 3 ARTICLE IV ? INURING REINSURANCE 4 ARTICLE V ? FACULTATIVE REINSURANCE 5 ARTICLE VI - EXCLUSIONS 6 ARTICLE VII ? EFFECTIVE DATE AND DURATION OF AGREEMENT 7 ARTICLE VIII ? REINSURANCE PREMIUMS 8 ARTICLE IX ? PREMIUM REPORTS 9 ARTICLE X ? CEDING ALLOWANCE/EXPENSES 10 ARTICLE XI ? CURRENCY 11 ARTICLE XII ? CLAIMS NOTIFICATION 12 ARTICLE XIII ? CLAIMS SETTLEMENT AND AUDIT 14 ARTICLE XIV ? EXTRA CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS 15 ARTICLE XV ? SUBROGATION 16 ARTICLE XVI ? COMMUTATION 17 ARTICLE XVII ? CLAIMS FUND 18 ARTICLE XVIII ? OFFSET 19 ARTICLE XIX ? TERRITORY 20 ARTICLE XX ? OVERSIGHTS 21 ARTICLE XXI ? ACCESS TO RECORDS 22 ARTICLE XXII ? INSOLVENCY 23 ARTICLE XXIII ? ARBITRATION 24 ARTICLE XXIV - CONTROLLING LAW 25 ARTICLE XXV ? SEVERABILITY 26 ARTICLE XXVI ? UNAUTHORIZED REINSURERS 27 ARTICLE XXVII ? TAXES 29 ARTICLE XXVIII ? FEDERAL EXCISE TAX 30 ARTICLE XXIX ? CONFIDENTIALITY 31 ARTICLE XXX ? ENTIRE AGREEMENT 32 ARTICLE XXXI ? INTERMEDIARY 33 ARTICLE XXXII ? EXECUTION 34 ARTICLE I ? PARTIES TO AGREEMENT This Agreement is solely between the Company and the Reinsurer and the performance of obligations of each party under this Agreement shall be rendered solely to the other party. In no instances shall anyone other than the Company or the Reinsurer have any rights under this Agreement except recognizing the Company has the sole responsibility for the evaluation and appointment of the Underwriting Manager, Managed Care Concepts of Delaware, Inc. (MCCI). Further, it is agreed that Associated Accident and Health Reinsurance Underwriters (AAHRU), a participating Reinsurer, is deemed to be the Lead Reinsurer. In that capacity, any and all actions of the Lead Reinsurer shall be made in the best interest of this Agreement and binding upon the other reinsurers. Should the Company appoint a new Underwriting Manager, the Reinsurer must approve any change in the Underwriting Manager, otherwise the Reinsurer has the right to cancel at the time of change. This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties, their heirs, and successors, if any. ARTICLE II ? BASIS OF REINSURANCE On and after the effective date of this Agreement, the Company shall cede and the Reinsurer shall accept as reinsurance, a Quota Share portion, as shown within ARTICLE XXXII ? EXECUTION, of the liability on policies, binders, contracts or agreements of insurance, hereinafter referred to as policies, issued or renewed by the Company on or after the effective date of this Agreement and underwritten for and on behalf of the Company by the Underwriting Manager and classified as Basic College Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Insurance, as described below: Basic College Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Insurance: Excess of all other valid and collectible insurance issued to the eligible students (various classes including, domestic undergraduate, domestic graduate and foreign students) and their eligible dependents. If the eligible student does not have primary insurance, this plan will be primary. Some plans may be written on a primary basis for which benefits will then be coordinated with any other plan in which the student is covered as a dependent. Premiums must be paid before insurance is in force and valid. The maximum benefit per individual covered insured is $500,000. ARTICLE III ? RETENTION AND LIMIT The Reinsurer agrees to accept a fixed proportion of 85% of the first $500,000 per person per risk for all business subject to this Agreement. The Company agrees to retain for its own account 15% of the first $500,000 per person per risk for business subject to this Agreement. ARTICLE IV ? INURING REINSURANCE Inuring Reinsurance ? The Company and the Reinsurer agree to purchase excess of loss reinsurance that insures to the benefit of all basic quota share participants of this treaty for all per person risks that exceed $500,000. The purchase price and reinsurance security to be approved by the Company and Lead Reinsurer. Should acceptable reinsurance not be available, the Company and Lead Reinsurer will revise this Agreement accordingly. ARTICLE V ? FACULTATIVE REINSURANCE For business that does not meet

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The Civil War,North Success essays

The Civil War,North Success essays Why Did the North Win the Civil War? In 1861, following the secession of the Deep South on a platform of states rights, the right to property and the event of Fort Sumnter, the inevitable conflict Seward had predicted emerged as the Civil War. Four years later Lee surrendered and so returned the Confederate states to the Union - the victory of the North was never as forgone as the onslaught of secession, and certainly historians such as McPherson have judged it would be dangerous to generalise over causes of the Northern Victory, since events on the battlefield could have taken a different course into Southern favour, changing the Wars final outcome. However, there are several factors that were certainly crucial for northern victory - such as economic growth and stability, the political prowess and generalship of Lincoln and Military manpower and technique. Many historians of the post-war era and in the 20th century noted the economic might and manpower of the North as one of the main reasons for success. Economic factors were certainly crucial for the defeat of the South in 1865. By 1861, the North was, economically, in line with the Industrialised world of Northern Europe and Britain, and was way ahead of the backward South, still mostly reliant on the peculiar institution of slave labour in the cotton fields. It possessed 4 out of 5 factories, Americas Banking system, 15 times more Iron and 38 times more Coal; it made its own clothing and even during the war was never short of new migrants from Ireland and Germany. Northerners outnumbered Southerners 22 million to a measly five million whites (slaves, who made up the remaining 4 million, were constitutionally only 3/5s of a citizen each, and so were not legible for the draft). The North had to rely little on Europe; it was self-sufficient, it had a variegated economy compared to the Southern reliance on cash crops as a source of inco...

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Discernment Practices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Discernment Practices - Essay Example It is the evolved concept of understanding the truth from the distribution of energy around oneself. In the space of human individuality, there is a massive intake and outflow of energy and the most important concept is to understand this energy and act or react accordingly. It is the spiritual feeling of the inner conscience through which we see the world as we perceive it. The religious input is derived from the fact that religion has played a vital role in shaping the spiritual consciousness of its followers. Discernment can be made in two different ways. The first is self-enlightenment, where the individual attains knowledge of his/her impulses, through this process is able to manage them and take the negativity out of them. Along with this aspect, he also reaches up to the higher level of thinking and living through understanding the flow of energy centred around his/her impulses. The second method is to do theology study and to gain knowledge with respect to religion and its in fluence on the human mind and desires. This method covers the aspect of reading the holy bible as well as other religious texts so as to affirm one’s position with regard to the flow of impulse in the soul. Within the scope of this paper, various concepts will be discussed, compared and contrasted on the basis of a number of aspects. The first is detachment or non attachment towards a religion or a spiritual entity where the subject matter of Ignatian spirituality has been provided focus upon. Similarities between Islam and Christianity on Discernment Practices This paper shall be discussing the similarities and differences in discernment practices between Christianity and Islam. Saint Ignatius of Loyola is extremely influential in the practice of spiritual discernment. According to him, to achieve spiritual peace within oneself, the individual has to confess and open up before a spiritual director He is not allowed to go on his own and do it alone. St. Ignatius had laid down strict guidelines with reference to spiritual attainment of the soul. He had explicitly said that those who are looking for divine intervention with respect to spirituality in their lives must adhere to the rules lay down under Christianity and there shall be no let off from that aspect. The religion preaches that the Spiritual Director shall guide the individual to ultimate spirituality regardless of how his past life has been. He shall help him go through all the different mechanisms and work out the situation in a better way for him. The purpose of the director is to help the individual and take him away from all the negativity and put the positive picture around his heart and soul. The spiritual director takes us away from the bad spirits. He is extremely influential in the way he makes his decisions, and all his decisions are for the betterment of the individual who has approached him with love. The director also tries to make the individual understand that the bad and negativ e spirits can propel us to make quick and fast decisions without thinking much for them which might lead us into troublesome situations. With this regard, the spiritual director brings us to the focus of the good and positive spirits by taking care of each and every emotion of the individual. He listens to the individual with utmost care and tries to analyse objectively his feelings and reflections on the society and his life, with measures to make it a better life worth living. Looking at Islam now, the religion was brought into